Where to buy zero waste in Vancouver

Where to buy zero waste in Vancouver

  1. Nada Grocery (675 East Broadway)

Nada Grocery is the first of its kind grocery shop in Vancouver where almost all the products are sold packaging free to ensure zero waste. Everything sold here is either combustible or reusable; from fresh vegetable and fruits to glass jars and bamboo truth brushes. There’s also a range of smoothies and snacks available in the store. Surplus food items are donated to local food banks, nearby communities and neighbourhood houses.

Photo credit: Nada Grocery

  1. The Soap Dispensary and Kitchen Staples (3718 Main St.)

The Soap Dispensary provides biodegradable premium quality soaps, personal care products and household cleaners. These are sold packaging free in glass jars which you can bring along with you or can buy at the store. Along with hygiene products, some food items are also sold here keeping in view their zero-waste policy.

Photo credit: The Soap Dispensary and Kitchen Staples

  1. Urban Source (3126 Main St.)

Urban Source is an alternate art materials store in which creative materials are recycled and reused in bulk. Whatever type of crafty tool you need and in whichever quantity, Urban Source does that for you ensuring every piece of art gets reused again and again. The store is restocked on weekly basis so there’s a big variation in the available stock but they make sure to cover all the basis at any time.

Photo credit: Urban Space