Essential Montreal Food Bucket List

Essential Montreal Food Bucket List

  1. La Panthère Verte

La Panthère Verte is a local favourite which serves vegan dishes, baked goods, smoothies, and healthy boosters (think wheatgrass shots). Pop into one of their three locations to eat lunch, grab takeout (or delivery), lounge on their outdoor terrace, shop organic finds, or work from your laptop in a relaxing setting.
Photo credit: La Panthère Verte
  1. La Banquise

There’s nothing more “Montreal” than ending a night of partying with a poutine from La Banquise. It is open 24/7 and is a place where you want to go to satisfy your post-party munchies. You will find whatever your heart desires including the combination of hot fries oozing with gravy and cheese.
Photo credit: La Banquise
  1. Olive et Gourmando

Attracting everyone from regulars, to Old Montreal’s numerous visitors, this bakery turned café boasts fresh, local products. Their quirky decor will surely charm you. Always on and animated, Olive gets packed fairly quickly but takeout is an option if you’re on the go. Visit them for brunch, lunch paired with a glass of wine, coffee, and pastries.
Photo credit: Olive et Gourmando
  1. Au Pied de Cochon

Au Pied de Cochon is arguably the best restaurant in Montreal. If you want your meal to be the best possibly you can get in Montreal, that’s the place for you. Though prices are sky high but the quantity and quality of the meal makes every penny worth it.
Photo credit: AU PIED DE COCHON
  1. Schwartz’s

Schwartz’s does just on thing and does it to perfection - smoked meat sandwiches. Many restaurants in Montreal serve the same spice-rubbed brisket sandwiches but none comes closer to what you’ll get at Schwartz’s. Having pretty affordable prices, it’s a go-to place if you are craving for the best sandwiches in town.
Photo credit: Schwartz’s