Canadian Craft fairs you absolutely must attend

Canadian Craft fairs you absolutely must attend

  • Market Collective

Market Collective began as an effort to promote and encourage local arts and culture in 2008. It now transformed into a platform that provides positive development for the creative society. It was the first marketplace that met the requirements and demands of increasing number of designers, artists and entrepreneurs. Market Collective has supported thousand of designers by providing them 100% of their sales in order to promote their small businesses. Featuring a very diverse set of artists, this fair is a must visit to satisfy your thirst for art.

Photo: Market Collective
  • Royal Bison Art & Craft Fare

 Royal Bison is a small, firmly curated craft, art and design fair situated in Edmonton, Canada. The fair has been mesmerising people of this town with its arts and crafts collection since 2007. The fair takes place for a weekend only three times a year with nearly 70 top notch makers, designers, illustrators and assorted hangers-on showing their work and they bring some of the most vivid design, art and work you've ever seen. The fair boosts all things local and independent and acts a showcase for the area's artistic heritage. This year, it’s happening in Nov-Dec 2019. So, mark your calendars and don’t miss this opportunity.

  • City of Craft

City of Craft is a group of artisans whose goal is to build communities in Toronto crafts, support independent artists and craftspeople, and encourage larger communities to participate in the city's lively events. Each year, it is organized as the largest independently-run juried craft show in Toronto, showcasing process-based installations and free workshops, attracting approximately 4,000 attendees. With its exciting one-year installation series and a magical three-day festival, it hopes to strengthen the relationship between studio craft and the DIY/independent craft community and increase the city's access to and appreciation of contemporary craftsmanship.